A Conspiracy Look

      Finally, summer fatigue is past us (at least for me.) We can now go back to frequent content by me (with a relaxed definition of frequent.) It is amazing how the release of new magic cards can make someone want to play magic less. Do you think WotC is on this? They really should be. Or is this just a me thing?

      Regardless, someone was asking questions on our discord about conspiracies and I thought it would be a good topic to focus on. (I could link you the discord, but if you do want to go there, you can find the link on the website somewhere.) Conspiracies were a long time ago, around the time that our cube was first created, and many current players have no experience with them. We got a chance to test them when they were fresh and new. Long before our cube was a modular cube. The reason we do not play with them now is not because we do not like them, but because they were to be in their own module and the module got stuck in development and never moved forward. As we have finally been catching up on module additions, we just finalized Allies, Oaths & Walkers, and Snow, with Graveaggro close behind, we are focusing on the two unmodules and the Conspiracy module to be added. This is the perfect time to do a quick overview and discuss what are some of the truths that players say about them and what are some of the heavily hyperbolized statements players say about them (and all in a relaxed conversational format, I don’t know why…)

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A Blizzard in June

      A quick note. This article was written just after Ep 111 and focuses on the topic of cube designer fatigue that we touched on during that episode. It was written before our latest set review Ep 113. I should have posted it earlier, but I was not entirely with the result and wanted to edit it further. However, since we have already done Ep 113, it seems difficult to edit it with the same mindset I had before our latest review and I have decided to just post it as is. Hopefully, you get something out of this article and that this latest review (Magic 2020) reflected some of the changes I talked about in this article. Ideally, it was our best review yet. End of quick note.

      Modern Horizons had snow as one of its subthemes. This is the first time since Coldsnap that snow has appeared. Naturally, many players were excited. However, this excitement poses a problem for cube designers. Not the excitement of a snow theme in cube specifically, but the excitement itself. Magic sets are designed to imbue that excitement in players. To make players want to build decks around certain themes and mechanics. To make players want to play certain cards. This effect is what creates a challenge for cube designers.

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The Real Odds of Rowdy Crew

      I was originally going to write the next odds article on Treasure Hunt, but I have already run through some of the numbers on it and the prospect of looking at Rowdy Crew was new and too tempting. We will get back to Treasure Hunt eventually.

      Now, the first thing to look at with Rowdy Crew is just the raw numbers assuming no decision will be made to optimize the odds of discarding cards of similar types. This will be deck dependent, but we can consider a “standard” deck to start with. The table below shows the odds for discarding two cards of a particular card type given how many of those cards are present in a forty-card deck.

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Taking a Look at Vivien’s Arkbow

Vivien’s Arkbow looks like a fun cube card that will act in a Birthing Pod like manner. It enables the trading up of resources similar to Pod. In Birthing Pod, a creature is traded for a better creature that can be tutored. Vivien’s Arkbow does not have the tutoring ability, costs more, and has the potential to miss. However, it does gain by being instant speed and, more importantly, allows the exchange of non-creature cards into creature cards. These two factors are huge. It is improbable that the Arkbow will be a better card, certainly not in constructed where decks of sixty cards can pack many one offs and tutoring is incredibly powerful. Cube is a different story. There are less cards to go through and games play out differently. This should indicate that the power of the Arkbow will hinge on how reliable it is at finding a creature every time. The table below shows how likely it is for a creature with a converted mana cost equal to or lower than X to be found versus how many creatures in the deck satisfy that condition.

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2018 Path to Cube Awards

      A listener of the podcast asked for an expanded edition of our 2018 Path to Cube awards. This will allow more detail on the honorable mentions than was done during the episode. As a reminder, eligible sets are Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria, Magic 2019, Commander 2018, Battlebond, and Unstable. So, although a little late, here it is.

      Most Overrated Card:

      This was touted as the red Snapcaster Mage. It is not. It ends up being much too situational and dependent on the opponent’s actions to be powerful unlike Snapcaster Mage that allows the player to build their deck to optimize its power. Flash is a more powerful mechanic than first strike on a 2/1 body as well as on a value cards like Snapcaster Mage and Dire Fleet Daredevil. I would say Abbot of Keral Keep is still the best red 2 drop in a vacuum with Young Pyromancer passing it in certain situations.

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