Podcast Episode 99: A New Draft Idea

This week, Fernando and Kevin have an idea for a new draft format live while recording the show. More will be discussed on Ep 101 that was prerecorded after attempting the draft, currently being called hierarchy draft. For those wanting to test it out, instead of doing pick 1, then pick 2, then pick 3, all the way to the last picks. Better is to attempt doing pick 1, then pick 4, then pick 7, and so on going left; then do pick 2, then pick 5, and so on, all going right; then do pick 3, then pick 6, and so on, going left. Or alternatively start with the 3-6-9 chain, followed by 2-5-8 chain, followed by 1-4-7 chain. There were problems with going 1-2-3-4-… that will be talked about in Ep 101.

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